Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who is It?

I AM...

She is moving like the sea, taking shape from the different shores she’s come across. Any opportunity she sees, she takes advantage of, in and out of the music industry, her success grows and benefits others. Beyonce has become much more than just an artist, her work goes beyond.

We’ve seen the different personalities, the characters that she’s been able to create and put into her songs. Through the media we see this Glam and R&B Diva with number one hit singles, Billboard albums, and traveling internationally doing her “thang,” as some critics would say. At performances, we see this phenomenal artist, a chameleon of various colors that depicts the world of Beyonce, discovering that each one is distinct. But when the lights go out and the make up is gone, do we still see the same Beyonce? Are we in the same world?

Every year she’s painted her canvas differently. Dangerously in Love, gave us the soul to her voice and B’Day gave us stories each with a different message. Her most current album I am…Sasha Fierce introduces the duality of her character. Through this album we’re able to see that though she is the definition of superstar, she hasn’t lost her essence. She reveals the side we don’t get as often, her blank canvas. Beyonce allows us to feel like her, picture her writing the lyrics that her heart beats and the melodies that drive her soul. We truly get to see the artist at work. When the makeup comes off and the lights go out, is she human?

With Love,

Billie Gabriela

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Anonymous said...

I have never been a fan of Beyonce but I have to admit Bday was one of my favorite R&B albums that year. Also, I am Sasha Fierce is the best title she could have picked for this album. Everytime she comes back she comes harder and her sound is always brand new.
Her style in one word Diverse .