Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fatso: The Up and Coming

Rapper, singer, songwriter, fatso™ is a fresh and extraordinarily talented rising star in the field of entertainment. His unexpected yet highly treasured honesty, intelligence and wit make him an artist to watch in a sea of predictability and mediocrity. For fatso, music is life and without it we cease to exist.

fatso™ has graced stages all along the east coast. His high-wattage stage show shutting-down non-assuming venues in his path. While his 1st major independent project was a compilation CD, fatso has opened for many artists. Some signed with major record companies including Carmon, D’wayne Wiggins from (Tony, Toni, Toné), Ruff Endz, Cap One and Grenique. One major highlight, his performance with Washington DC’s own Backyard Band courtesy of Big G from HBO television series, The Wire.

When asked what next, this young dynamo suggests complete song production and honing his musicianship on the guitar and piano. The rare ability to see and speak life as it is, while finding humor, simplicity and beauty in the truth, makes fatso™ an avant-garde gourmet entrée in a stale chicken-box world. “Show me one person that doesn’t listen to music and I will show them pity.”

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Micheal Ashton

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